Our story started in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne in 2007, when Matthew purchased his first beehive. It didn't take long before his obsession with bees became more than just a hobby. Quickly outgrowing his own yard and placing beehives in the backyards, and on rooftops of friends and neighbors.

During swarm season, Matthew would attend calls referred from the Brimbank City Council and local pest controllers to rescue swarms of bees. Safely removing nuisance bees alive and relocating them into his own hives.

It has been Matthew’s lifelong dream to move to the country and keep bees away from the constraints of suburbia. In December of 2018, we moved to Argyle Victoria to complete this dream and start a family with the arrival of our first son in February 2019.

We’ve been working hard to start our new apiary on our property in Argyle Victoria; Relocating our beehives from Melbourne and building more hives to keep up with demand. We have now turned hobby beekeeping into a full-time business. Specialising Raw Honey, Honeycomb and Creamed Honey. We also use Beeswax to create a variety of handmade natural Beeswax products, such as Candles, Skin Care Creams, Lip Balm and other Bee products.

Our Honey is cold extracted and kept raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurised. Leaving our honey as natural as the bees intended.

Our products are hand made from honey and wax, that we’ve collected from our own hives. All of the essential oils, butters and carrier oils used in our skin care range are locally sourced. Creating a pure, locally produced, hand-made product.

- An Argyle Apiary Brand


We are excited to announce that Victoria is steering the business in an extra direction. Suffering from chronic headaches/Migraines, she has been busy developing products for use for muscles and aches.


However to make things harder, Victoria has never been able to wear store bought Make Up without ending up with a worse headache. So.... Whats better then Natural Makeup? No chemicals, no hidden extras. Developed by Victoria for her use.

Any product made by Victoria, is used by her. If she isn't happy with something, you will never see it on our table for sale. She does special requests for people, but unless she specifically uses a product or Matthew does, the products never make it to our markets or on our website.

Victoria wants to ensure that only the best ends up for sale and that our customers are happy with their product.


Obligation free quote within 50kms of Heathcote.

Hives that have established themselves within tree hollows or your house etc.

Can be removed alive and placed into a new hive to be used as productive members of our apiary.

Due to the nature of this work, each job will be quoted on as a case by case basis.
Discounts apply for Veterans and Senior Citizens.


Swarm Removal is free within the Heathcote/ Argyle Area. Will travel as far as Axedale and Tooborac. Under special circumstances can travel further.

All swarms are professionally collected and quarantined, they are then placed into a new hive in our apiary to be used for pollination for our local farming area.

Honeybee Swarm. Swarm. Swarm Season. Beekeeping. Beekeeper. Argyle Apiary.



1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday

Yarraville Farmers Market

9am to 2pm

4th Sunday

Docklands Community Farmers Market

9am to 2pm


Markets. Farmers Markets. Beekeeping. Raw Honey. Nature.


Been thinking about keeping bees? or want to learn more about bees?

This 1 day Practical Course is for you.

The day involves learning the basic structure of a bee hive, the Queen Bee, building the frames and learning the basics of keeping bees with hands on experience.

Arrival time is 8am for formal paperwork, with a start time of 8.30am.
Finish time will be approx. 6pm

$200- Free Lunch included, along with Tea, Coffee and morning tea.
 required on booking and please state your dietary requirements so that we can work with you to ensure everyone has an enjoyable day.

To book click on the Book Online Button at the top of the page.

Beekeeping. New-Bee. Beekeping Classes. No Glove Beekeping. Calm.

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