Coming Soon- Skin Care Pack

Contains 1x Everyday Clay Bar, 1x Toner and 1x Beeswax Facial Balm


Why choose an Oil based Skin routine?

Stripping away oils with a daily cleanser tends to make your face oiler as your body works to recover its natural protective layer. When using an oil based cleaner or balm, you are removing the dirt and debris without stripping your face completely of its much needed protective layer. You are also automatically replacing any oils that  are removed so you body doesnt have to work to reproduce/over produce the oils it needs to protect your skin.


Our products are great for people with all skin types as we use a combination of different oil types used for different purposes. Oils like Jojoba tend to sit on the skin for a longer period of time before being absorbed, making it a fantastic oil type for those with dry skin, whilst grapeseed oil is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving your face feeling drier, good for those with really oily skin.

We have worked hard over the past few months tryiong to create the perfect combination of beeswax and oils to make a product suitable for many skin types.