Raw Unpasteurised Honey

Raw Unpasteurised Honey

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Honey is one of earths most versatile natural superfoods. It is not only tasty but it's also packed with a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Honey can be part of your daily diet, it also provides a lasting energy boost great for sports and physical activity!


Our Honey is always changing in flavour, as the seasons progress the honey changes in colour and consistency. We have available currently:


Early Summer- Is a dark honey, bold, earthy and distinctly Australian. Great for adding flavour to your cooking or to eat off a spoon.


Late Summer- Lightly coloured, sweet and florally in flavour. Great for Crumpets and as an alternative to Sugar


    Available in 3 sizes 250g 500g & 1kg


    Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized and not heat treated at any stage in the extraction process. Leaving our honey as nature intended.